Personal Clearing

Along our journey as human beings, experiences are imprinted on our minds, hearts, and souls. Many of these memories of people or events tucked away in our subconscious have the ability keep us stuck and derailed from the life we desire.

Nancy is able to tune in and release these residual memories as one might wipe a window clean.


How does she do it? It’s all about energy.

Energy is everywhere. It makes up all living creatures. It is what we are all made of. We ARE energy.

It makes sense, then, to attend to our energy when looking for breakthroughs with issues. By being present and in the moment, Nancy is able to gently release stressful experiences.

The result? Clients begin to feel more balanced, lighter, and happier in the coming days and weeks after the clearing. They gain clarity, are better able to identify opportunities, and move forward with ease.

Thank you for your help Nancy, I have been doing really well! To be candid, I’ve been sober for over three weeks now. I have gotten a lot on track. I’ve paid off my massive credit card bill after I made a lot of money selling items. And I did plenty of spring cleaning, donating things I don’t need. I am on a good routine again, eating well and detoxing. It all happened after I saw you.

Nancy, I have felt so much better after my session with you! Nothing has been as hard or stressful as it was. I feel unburdened and so much more at peace. Thank you!

Clients May choose from 3 Personal Clearing Options:

  1. In person at Nancy’s office in Milwaukee, WI.
  2. Telephone session.
  3. Nancy conducts clearing privately and client receives summary via email.

Keep in mind the procedure and outcomes are the same whichever option is chosen.

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