Praise for Nancy’s Space Clearing of a Home

tn_meg_dalyI first learned of Nancy’s work from a friend who hired Nancy to clear her place of business. Judging from my friend’s rave reviews and financial rewards post clearing, I felt drawn to hire Nancy to clear my home. Personally, I felt the need to let go of haunting memories of a toxic marriage and subsequent divorce.

From the minute she arrived, I knew it was the right decision. Nancy thoroughly explained the process and methods which she would use while clearing my home. Throughout the session, I was shocked to witness Nancy pinpoint areas of "disturbance" within my home which were the exact spots where the "crisis moments" shall we say occurred.

Upon completion, I felt centered, lighter, and ready to move forward personally. Within the next few months things began to shift even more and I soon found myself in a positive and new relationship.

When I look around my home, I do feel happier and less attached to the memories of a darker time in my life. Thank you Nancy!

Meg Daly, Life & Career Development Coach (

Praise for Nancy’s Space Clearing of a Business

tn_betsy_delichMy office is usually a very calm and serene place. But when the energy gets chaotic, weird things start to happen and even patients get agitated. That’s when I call Nancy! After a Space Clearing with Nancy, the serenity is always restored, employees and patients are calm and happy and finances run smoothly. It’s totally worth the investment!

Nancy is a very gifted energy healer! I would highly recommend Clearing for oneself and business setting!

Dr. Betsy Delich, DC, Chiropractic Company (

Praise for Nancy’s Remote Space Clearing

Nancy was such a pleasure to work with!  I was looking for help in clearing my jewelry studio and home as I was sensing something was off.  Things just didn’t feel peaceful and business was a bit down.   Nancy did a complete remote Space Clearing of my studio and home.  Not only did she send me a timely full report of her findings, I was also stunned at what she picked up on.  She was able to pinpoint so many exact areas of stress, from an historic property located near me to issues both me and my employee have been dealing with.  Things are now calmer and moving in a positive direction.  Nancy’s kind demeanor made the whole process enjoyable and enlightening!  Thanks again for everything Nancy!

Tamara Schafhauser, Owner Guilded Grey Jewelry (

Praise for Nancy’s Personal Clearing

After a traumatic car accident, I found myself experiencing a great deal of anxiety whenever I got behind the wheel. Then strangely, several friends and family members also began having car accidents. I had the peculiar feeling that I was somehow perpetuating this traumatic energy.

I contacted and met with Nancy and immediately felt safe and understood. Our session to release this disturbed energy was extensive and thorough. When we completed, I felt much calmer, energized and free. Something had definitely shifted for me from my session with Nancy. The accidents around me have discontinued and I feel much more at ease, along with a greater sense of self trust.

Laura Sebastian, Body Dialogues, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (