Space Clearing


space-clearingTop 10 Reasons People Hire Nancy for Space Clearing

  1. The energy in a space simply feels "off".
  2. People feeling stuck creatively or in unhealthy patterns.
  3. Current or past relationship issues.
  4. Strange or odd occurrences difficult to logically explain.
  5. The desire for a clean slate when moving into a new home
  6. To ease the sale of a home.
  7. Traumatic events have occurred in the space.
  8. Health or financial misfortune has occurred.
  9. Business is not thriving and/or there are many interpersonal conflicts within the organization.
  10. Unusual or strange behavior of children or pets.

There is an unseen world of energy all around us.  This includes our living and work spaces.  Disturbed or unbalanced energies within these areas can exist from any of the following causes:

  • Previous occupants
  • Past trauma or discord
  • Illness
  • Geopathic or earth energies
  • Dis-embodied spirits or ghosts
  • Technology
  • Belongings such as art and antiques

Though we may not be aware of these disturbed energies, they can adversely affect our wellbeing. With Nancy’s many years of experience with Space Clearing, she is able to precisely locate & clear every disturbance in your space. A Space Clearing with Nancy restores a healthy flow of energy, thus promoting harmony in your entire space.

Space Clearings are available two ways:

  1. Nancy comes onsite to clear your space. (You have the option of joining her throughout the clearing to learn more about your space.)
  2. Nancy clears your space remotely. (A floor plan and address of the space is required. A few photos can also be helpful.)

BONUS!! All Space Clearings include a Personal Clearing for the Client

Contact Nancy today to discuss how a Space Clearing can help you. Energized comfort and ease are just around the corner!

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